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Business Litigation: What is a Deposition?

Depositions are a part of the discovery process. Usually the parties and witnesses will be deposed. Attorneys cannot contact or interview the opposing party or its employees directly because the rules of ethics prohibit such communication. Therefore, attorneys use depositions to obtain testimony from opposing parties and witnesses during lawsuits. Depositions allow attorneys to learn what the person being deposed knows and how he or she will testify at trial. In addition, the testimony is preserved, and can be used to impeach the witness later if his or her testimony changes. Depositions are part of the discovery phase of a...Read More

What Does a Contractor Do to Enforce a Lien?

Under Georgia law, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers have the right to file a claim of lien for the value of labor and materials that are supplied to a private construction project. One benefit of filing a claim of lien is that the claim for labor and materials can become secured by the real estate that was improved by the work. There are very specific requirements for filing a legally sufficient claim of lien. One of the most important prerequisites is that the claim of lien be filed within 90 days of the date that the lien claimant last supplied...Read More

When to Hire a Business Litigation Attorney

Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney - If your business is involved in a dispute, a business litigation attorney can offer advice as to whether litigation is even necessary. Many business disputes can be resolved without having to file a lawsuit. Your attorney will be able to explain alternatives that are available before a lawsuit is filed with the court. A business litigation lawyer will protect the interests of your business. Your attorney will study the facts of the case and offer legal solutions based on his experience and knowledge of the facts. Business litigation can become very...Read More

Why Arbitration is a Good Alternative to the Courtroom

Civil litigation is often a lengthy, expensive process for the parties involved. It is not unusual for the parties to spend years resolving their disputes, incurring thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs in the process. Not all disputes must be resolved in the courtroom. By utilizing arbitration, the case is taken out of the courthouse and resolved in a more efficient, less expensive, more expeditious manner. Arbitration is often preferred to a costly and time consuming trial. In arbitration, a third party neutral, called the arbitrator, reviews all evidence submitted by the parties during a hearing and...Read More