Choosing Arbitration or Mediation in Atlanta

There are two effective forms of alternative dispute resolution: Arbitration and Mediation. Being aware of the significant differences between Arbitration and Mediation will allow you to determine which form is best for your case. First, the impact of Arbitration and Mediation differ. In Arbitration, the third-party neutral, the arbitrator, makes a binding decision on behalf of the parties. Parties to the arbitration are bound by the decision even if they dislike the outcome, since it is extremely difficult to appeal the arbitrator’s decision. In contrast, in Mediation, the third-party neutral, the mediator, facilitates the parties in negotiating the terms of...Read More

Preparing to Testify in an Atlanta Trial

Preparing to testify in an Atlanta trial is a scary thought. The thought of being sworn in and answering questions in front of a jury can be overwhelming. For the duration of your case, you should keep a log or diary of events – write down the events that led up to the filing of the case and the events that occur after the case has been filed. These notes will be helpful to refresh your memory during trial, and will help you prepare for your testimony so that your thoughts and testimony are well organized. It is important to...Read More

Appealing a Case in Atlanta

The appellate process in Georgia is complex, as one cannot simply appeal a case for any reason. In the state of Georgia, an appeal can be made to an appellate court to determine if a mistake of law occurred in the trial court, which is also called the lower court. If the appellate court determines that a mistake of law occurred, the appealing party may be able to have the trial court’s ruling overturned. There are important rules and deadlines that must be followed when appealing a case in Georgia. If the appeal is allowable under the law, each party...Read More

Using Arbitration to Resolve Claims in Atlanta

When Atlanta residents and businesses have a dispute, many have elected arbitration for a more expeditious (and often less expensive) resolution of their claims. Arbitration may be used for all types of disputes, including construction, insurance, and contract. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution whereby the parties resolve their dispute outside of the courtroom. Arbitration has been a successful form of dispute resolution in Atlanta. During arbitration, an arbitrator (also referred to as a neutral), will hear testimony and receive evidence from the parties. Upon conclusion of the arbitration, the arbitrator will render a decision that is binding...Read More

Atlanta Real Estate Litigation and Disputes

Real estate disputes in Atlanta vary significantly—each one is unique and presents its own challenges to the parties involved. These disputes may stem from the purchase and sale of a residence or from a conflict involving commercial property. Sometimes it is necessary for a landlord, tenant, lender or owner to file a lawsuit to resolve a dispute involving real estate. Real estate litigation may involve parties in multiple states and jurisdictions, such as an out-of-state lender initiating a foreclosure, or an out of state landlord seeking damages from a tenant. The parties involved may be Atlanta businesses, developers, financial institutions,...Read More