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Choosing Arbitration or Mediation in Atlanta

There are two effective forms of alternative dispute resolution: Arbitration and Mediation. Being aware of the significant differences between Arbitration and Mediation will allow you to determine which form is best for your case. First, the impact of Arbitration and Mediation differ. In Arbitration, the third-party neutral, the arbitrator, makes a binding decision on behalf of the parties. Parties to the arbitration are bound by the decision even if they dislike the outcome, since it is extremely difficult to appeal the arbitrator’s decision. In contrast, in Mediation, the third-party neutral, the mediator, facilitates the parties in negotiating the terms of...Read More

Using Arbitration to Resolve Claims in Atlanta

When Atlanta residents and businesses have a dispute, many have elected arbitration for a more expeditious (and often less expensive) resolution of their claims. Arbitration may be used for all types of disputes, including construction, insurance, and contract. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution whereby the parties resolve their dispute outside of the courtroom. Arbitration has been a successful form of dispute resolution in Atlanta. During arbitration, an arbitrator (also referred to as a neutral), will hear testimony and receive evidence from the parties. Upon conclusion of the arbitration, the arbitrator will render a decision that is binding...Read More

Why Arbitration is a Good Alternative to the Courtroom

Civil litigation is often a lengthy, expensive process for the parties involved. It is not unusual for the parties to spend years resolving their disputes, incurring thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs in the process. Not all disputes must be resolved in the courtroom. By utilizing arbitration, the case is taken out of the courthouse and resolved in a more efficient, less expensive, more expeditious manner. Arbitration is often preferred to a costly and time consuming trial. In arbitration, a third party neutral, called the arbitrator, reviews all evidence submitted by the parties during a hearing and...Read More