The firm offers clients several fee structures and payment options. The basic options are set forth below.

Hourly fee: Most of our cases (trials, mediations, arbitrations, and appeals) are handled on an hourly fee basis. Our written attorney client agreement will set forth the hourly rate, the services to be rendered, the obligations of both attorney and client, as well as information about a retainer and anticipated out of pocket expenses for items such as filing fees, court reporters, expert witnesses and the like.

Flat fee: The firm handles some matters on a flat fee basis. These matters include case investigation and research, lien filings, obtaining a Writ of Fi Fa, and demand letters.

Contingency fee: The firm handles certain types of cases, including personal injury, professional negligence, and certain collection cases on a contingency fee basis. The specific percentage depends on the type of case, and will be set forth in a written fee agreement.

Blended fee: A blended fee is a combination of a reduced hourly rate and a reduced contingency fee, and may be appropriate for certain matters. The details of a blended fee arrangement will be set forth in a written fee agreement.

If you have any questions about the firm’s fee arrangements, please call Scott Schweber at 770-293-9616.