Labor and Material Liens

Georgia law on liens changed in 2009. Under Georgia law, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers have the right to file a claim of lien for the value of labor and materials that are supplied to a private construction project. One benefit of filing a claim of lien is that the claim for labor and materials can become secured by the real estate that was improved by the work. There are very specific requirements for filing a legally sufficient claim of lien. One of the most important prerequisites is that the claim of lien be filed within 90 days of the date that the lien claimant last supplied labor or materials to the construction project.

There are many aspects to filing an enforceable lien for labor and materials. The discussion above is the beginning of a very general discussion about filing a lien for labor and materials in Georgia. Scott A. Schweber is knowledgeable about Georgia lien law and can provide an analysis of your specific case.