Practice Areas

Civil Litigation in Atlanta
Civil litigation is a very broad term that covers a wide range of cases that are filed in both state and federal courts in Atlanta. Some of the cases included under the umbrella of civil litigation are personal injury, wrongful death, insurance, real estate, breach of contract, fraud, libel and slander, business torts, shareholder disputes, legal malpractice, and medical malpractice.Read More
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Atlanta
Alternative Dispute Resolution, also referred to as ADR, encompasses two very distinct and different procedures. The first type of ADR is mediation. Mediation is a process that takes place at different times and for different reasons. First, parties to a dispute can agree to mediation. This type of voluntary mediation can take place either before or after a lawsuit has been filed.Read More
Labor and Material Liens
Georgia law on liens changed in 2009. Under Georgia law, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers have the right to file a claim of lien for the value of labor and materials that are supplied to a private construction project. One benefit of filing a claim of lien is that the claim for labor and materials can become secured by the real estate that was improved by the work.Read More
The Court of Appeals in Georgia is the intermediate appellate court for the State of Georgia. If your case is appealed, the Georgia Court of Appeals will review what happened in the trial court to determine whether any mistakes of law occurred, and if so, whether the party who filed the appeal is entitled to have the judgment of the trial court reversed or otherwise changed.Read More
Heirs Property
Heirs Property is a common occurrence in Georgia. Heirs Property occurs when land is informally passed down from one generation to the next without the benefits of a will or deed. This informal transfer of real estate provides each heir with property ownership as Tenants in Common, where each heir has the rights and obligations attached to the land.Read More
Hostile Work Environment
We represent individuals and small businesses involved in workplace hostile environment claims at all stages of the case.Read More
Sexual Harassment
We represent victims of sexual harassment in all state and federal courts.Read More
Employment Discrimination
We represent individuals and small businesses with all stages of workplace discrimination claims, from the filing of a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to federal court.Read More
Arbitration utilizes a neutral third-party to help disputing parties resolve their differences. Arbitration results in a legally binding resolution determined by the arbitrator after hearing the arguments of both parties. Arbitration puts the resolution in the hands in the arbitrator but the process is less formal than litigation. Read More
Mediation is a dispute resolution process that can be effective in many different situations. It is one of the most efficient means by which to resolve a legal matter and can save a great deal of hassle and heartache.Read More