Using Arbitration to Resolve Claims in Atlanta

When Atlanta residents and businesses have a dispute, many have elected arbitration for a more expeditious (and often less expensive) resolution of their claims. Arbitration may be used for all types of disputes, including construction, insurance, and contract.

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution whereby the parties resolve their dispute outside of the courtroom. Arbitration has been a successful form of dispute resolution in Atlanta. During arbitration, an arbitrator (also referred to as a neutral), will hear testimony and receive evidence from the parties. Upon conclusion of the arbitration, the arbitrator will render a decision that is binding upon the parties—meaning that the parties must follow the arbitrator’s decision , just as though a judge had made the decision after a trial.

One of the benefits of arbitration is that it can usually be scheduled more easily than a trial, and conducted more quickly than a trial. Another benefit is that arbitration is almost always less expensive than a jury trial, and is usually less expensive and less time consuming than a bench trial.

Many Atlanta businesses and residents have made use of arbitration as an efficient, cost effective form of dispute resolution.